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We, as a society seem to spend a lot of time focusing on our differences with each other rather than what we have in common. And we have more in common with each other than not.

What if we, the residents of Drip, rallied together to celebrate what we share – our love for our community, our desire for a small town family feel, our desire to laugh and have fun together.

If you’re violently shaking your head yes, then join the movement, a movement we simply call FOR DRIP. Because after all, we are FOR DRIP, we are FOR our community, we are FOR our neighbors. And for those who belong to a faith-based organization, you know this is true because God is FOR us.

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Current Events

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nominate a student, a teacher, or a resident  |  they could win a cash prize

Students and Teachers are what makes Drip such an awesome place to live. So we thought, how about if we celebrate this awesomeness all year long. So buckle up. Here's the scoop.

Know a Student or Teacher (or anyone for that matter) you think embodies what it means to be FOR DRIP? Take a picture of the person and write why you think they're all about FOR DRIP. Or shoot a short video. Then post it on Instagram or Facebook with


Every month, we'll review your nominations. And then, when you're least expecting it, we'll award that person with cash as a way to say THANK YOU for being FOR DRIP.

Upcoming Events



tiger football tailgate parties

Build community with tailgate parties at every home Tiger's football game this fall. Every home game we'll also have a charitable opportunity. Fill out the form below if you're interested in volunteering. Otherwise, drop by for the fun. It's FREE. 

Where:  Dr. Heather Bobb's dental office parking lot located at 331 Sportsplex Dr. in Drip.

When: Every Tiger home football game.
Aug 31, Sept 14, Oct 12, Oct 19, Nov 2
5:45 to 7:30PM
6:45 Raffle Drawing

What: Food, beverages, Bounce House, Corn hole, Jenga, lots of give aways like t-shirts, tattoes, stickers, and more.

Charity:  Last year, we had cash drawings for our students and teachers in the DSISD. One winner, Kris Shmidl, a DSISD school teacher, won $500 to use in her classroom. Numerous students won money to use toward the extracurricular activities..



Past Events




We're throwing a Fall Festival For Drip. Come out for all the fun. It's our way of celebrating the change of seasons with the families of Drip.

Where:  Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church parking lot at 26650 RR 12.

When:  October 28, 2017  |  3:00-5:00PM

What: Truck or Treat, Bounce House, lots of carnival games, food truck, beverages, music and more.





When:  November 9, 2017 | 6:00-8:00PM

Where:  Prospect House | 12745 Silver Creek Rd, Drip

What:  Not that kind of Senior. Senior Citizens, relive your Senior Prom. Youth are the chaperones. Dancing to all kinds of music. Dessert, punch, photo booth, fun, and love.

Tell your senior citizens it's FREE. We just want to celebrate our most treasured residents and let them know we love them and we are FOR them.




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We need all the volunteers we can get!

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About Us

FOR DRIP began with a few folks from Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church ( who had a vision of bringing Drip residents together with the goal of maintaining the small town, family-oriented, welcoming feel its always had.

It’s not about what Church you go to, or if you even go to a Church. And it’s certainly not about your political affiliations or whether you eat French fries with mayo. We don’t care about those things. What we do care about are the people of Drip and showing our love for our people.

Still not sure? Got questions? Got an idea? Contact Robin Robinson at


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